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Ambulances & Programming

Answer. Talk. Hang up. Go Green.


I sit down and check each screen
Set up my desk, log in, go “green”.
Wonder what the next call will be…
Wonder what they’ll say to me?
Answer, talk, hang up, go green—
Sometimes there’s no time between.
This one’s screaming—now someone’s died
Overdose, hanging, suicide
Car crash, stabbing, now a gunshot
Choking, drowning—we get the lot.
My voice, though, is calm and steady:
To help you while the crew get ready.
I’m right there with you on the line,
Through this horrific life-changing time.
Sometimes, I can’t help at all—
Yours aren’t the only tears that fall.
I often wish I could do more
Because it’s YOU I do this for.
When we hang up, I was just a voice…
Will you remember me? I’ll have no choice—
I’ll always remember hearing your scream.

Answer. Talk. Hang up. Go Green.

With credit to the unknown LAS EOC legend who wrote this one.

Written on October 1, 2022